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An Overview of CTYA

The Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance (CTYA) is a federally registered non-profit organization established in 2009. CTYA is the largest combination of youth associations and groups nationwide with Tamil heritage, culture and language backgrounds.  Together, through the alliance, we strive to educate and empower the youth in order to prepare them as transitional leaders of society. We believe that through a unified goal and vision, Tamil Youth can spearhead the growth of the Tamil Nation.

CTYA member groups include youth from different sectors such as arts and culture, athletics, education and career development, human rights advocacy, and tamil nation development. CTYA’s policy and direction is determined by an annual general meeting of individual and group members.


  1. To provide a progressive and democratic forum for Canadian youth of Tamil heritage, and youth affiliated with the Tamil language, culture and/or people
  2. To provide a united front to strengthen the social, economic and spiritual growth of Tamil youth, both in Canada and abroad
  3. To facilitate the participation of Tamil youth in the broader Canadian society with the aim of building a stronger, greener and fairer country

Blogs: www.tamilyouth.ca


To empower Canadian Tamil youth to become outstanding leaders and citizens in our society