Who We Are

The Tamil Genocide Memorial Museum, Thazhumbakam, was initiated by the Human Rights Advocacy Council of CTYA in 2009. This museum is a collective project to educate future generations in our community about the truth, history and the struggles of the Tamil people.

The Human Rights Advocacy Council, one of five councils of CTYA, aims to equip Canadian Tamil youth with the necessary knowledge and skills to advocate for the protection of human rights in Canada and abroad. This council strives to hold all parties accountable to international law and the Geneva Conventions, and also to educate Canadian Tamil youth and the broader society about the ongoing plight of Tamil people.

Today, the very existence of Tamils in their traditional homelands is threatened by state-sponsored genocide. It thus becomes the diaspora’s responsibility to protect Tamil heritage, and preserve our history and our identity. Through the creation of a physical memorial museum, we believe we can remember, preserve, and protect the truth of the Tamil genocide. In addition, the museum will become a place of education with a central collection of Tamil literature, artwork, and music. It will also become a space that can be used as a venue for events that promote Tamil culture and identity.

A living memorial to the Tamil Genocide, Thazhumbakam will inspire leaders and citizens to prevent genocide, promote human dignity, strengthen democracy and confront hatred. It will protect, preserve, and progress Tamil identity. As an initial step towards creating the museum, the Human Rights Advocacy Council of CTYA will continue to host multiple mobile exhibitions and events throughout Canada until a permanent space can be established.

Painting by: Keera Ratnam